UEN’s Global Warming Humor

The Utah Educator Network has posted some comical videos they present as factual on the global warming hoax. On this page of their website (https://www.uen.org/climate/videos.shtml) there are 11 videos that talk about the evils of carbon dioxide and how the earth is warming. The very first video which someone sent me a link to, is pretty funny. It’s available for download on their website. It’s entitled “A Sick Planet” and you may be surprised that the last 10 years of earth’s existence have been the warmest on record. Look for the animation of animals dying too just as Utah gets mentioned. :)

If the video disappears from UEN, you can get the first video here: A Sick Planet (just right-click and select save-as to download it)

Then check out these comments from their website about how teachers dig this garbage. I bet you’re all as excited as this first responder to pump little children’s heads full of this nonsense. I guess cartoons really can be hazardous for the mind.

  • Excellent! I believe the info will change the minds of some Utah citizens who think global warming does not exist. It allows us (and gives us) tools to effectively teach young students about climate change.
  • First impressions:  Informative and yet funny- which makes it enjoyable, good idea
  • The video was well done and entertaining. I look forward to checking out the web site
  • Very nice to have this in one place- really like the video! Quick and down to earth. I’m excited to use this.
  • I am excited to use this resource. The length and content of the videos seems appropriate. I hope I will be able to find resources that specifically address the common statements made by climate change skeptics.
  • Awesome video. Comical, humorous, and very factual!
  • I loved the animation. It was very educational, but also very fun and entertaining.
  • I’m very excited about the web site – especially the videos – short, simple, but has the power to lead to powerful discussion.
  • A very good resource/ everyone teaching climate science should use this resource
  • How soon available? (entire 11 videos) Do you have any one available to introduce the students to the program in a computer lab setting? Excellent!
  • Thumbs up!
  • Thumbs up! Animated, humorous
  • Great job connecting content and vocabulary with visual images. I would use it in my class tomorrow.
  • Videos should be a good means to introduce climate and climate change.
  • This is a great idea! It looks easy to watch. Can we make them available for the rest of the public? Thanks for including pikas (sp?)!
  • Very simplistic, but I think it will be effective
  • Exciting! Love the vocabulary list, lesson plan links and looks like a great resource. Thanks!
  • Looks like a great resource, excited to try it out!
  • First impressions: I really like the video. Very simple graphics and language but very rich in content. It would be interesting if there was a link at the web site for more what to do about the climate change.
  • I’m excited to use this resource. eMedia has been great and I know I’ll use the short videos
  • First impressions – (1) Yay! (2)  Please make storyboards available for teachers to turn into interactive worksheets (3) Please list the vocab words that go with each video so we can preteach
  • Videos look great! A little fast for ELL’s; Spanish versions??; Make physical manipulatives of main components of video so that kids can interact with material
  • It’s very simple and I like it. I’d love a guide that went with each video. The script would be great to use in the classroom.
  • Looks great!
  • I am studying climate and folks always want to debate global warming. Now I can send them to the UEN site so they can see the nutshell videos They explain it better than I can!
  • Laura (& Karen) is a well-spoken person who provides enthusiasm about UEN. My first impression is that I want to get on your web site and start checking out the resources.
  • I thought that the video was really nice. I will try to use the web site, kids are very connected now…!

7 Responses to “UEN’s Global Warming Humor”

  • Webstuff:

    Oak, did you comment on the article? “Get rid of CO2” and “Save the trees!” are polar opposites. Trees die, DIE without CO2. And the planet has been COOLING, not warming, for the last 10 years. So say former global warming propagandists who have fessed up [link]

  • Nice post:

    The teacher attitude about teaching kids what their parents won’t teach
    them (or worse, “un-teaching” what their parents DO teach them) is SICK!
    Who do these teachers think they are?

  • If we increased the number of students in a classroom, made stadium seating mandatory for all schools we could reduce the amount of heating required for the building. The more warm bodies droning the room, the more the bodies would warm the room overall. Therefore reducing the heating bill. It would also maximize the lighting-to-person ratio. ….. We’d be saving on the amount of gases used…. darn, that might put a teacher out of work.. Ok, We need two teachers teaching at the same time in the stadium seating warehouse. Lets add more jobs… Each teacher needs a supervisor, a couple aids. Each supervisor needs a educational coordinator.. Stick them all in the same room. Then we need more do-gooders. Then with their halo lighting the way we could dim the light switches more.  OH WAIT… just turn on the UEN to light the way….. Dim all lights, project UEN directly into the kids’ eyes reducing the effect of distracting original thought, and incorrect parental guidance. Make sure to plant tolerance and acceptance no matter what someone chooses to do or say unless it has anything to do with one’s morals, religion, or ethics…  ok, I think we are getting somewhere. 

  • Anonymous:

     Each teacher needs a supervisor?  You mean a political officer to make sure the party line is being taught? 

  • Anonymous:

    So, if I understand you correctly, ALL parents are teaching their kids the exact same thing, so therefore teachers should be in lockstep with parents.  Perhaps in a utopian civilization, ALL parents would have the same opinion, but in reality they don’t (thank goodness).  I feel sorry for teachers who are demonized by either side for not following their political dogmas.  The communists on the left and the fascists on the right are using teachers, students, and schools as battlegrounds.  That is truly SICK!

  • Anonymous:

    Cooling?  I checked the NOAA database for trend lines for the past 10 years.  Global surface temperatures have been flat since 2000 (which means they have not been rising or cooling over that period), however, they have started rising again over the past year.  I’m not convinced that man is the major source of global warming, but obviously we have been warming for over 10,000 years, otherwise we would still have glaciers covering the Great Lakes and the northern part of the U.S. 

  •  Unbelievable. Man has been reaching back in time to warm the earth. Somebody notify Al Gore. ;)