Edward Bernays Propaganda

Who is Edward Bernays? In brief, he was one of the individuals under Woodrow Wilson who sold World War I to the American public. He wrote a book published in 1928 called “Propaganda” (https://sandiego.indymedia.org/media/2006/10/119695.pdf) which was treated as a handbook by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister. Bernays’ uncle was Dr. Sigmund Freud and Bernays relied on Freud’s work in the subconscious to manipulate the public.

Here are a few quotes from his book “Propaganda.”

Pg. 9 “THE conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

Pg. 12 “As civilization has become more complex, and as the need for invisible government has been increasingly demonstrated, the technical means have been invented and developed by which opinion may be regimented.”

Pg. 114 “Ours must be a leadership democracy administered by the intelligent minority who know how to regiment and guide the masses.”

Pg. 121-122 “EDUCATION is not securing its proper share of public interest. The public school system, materially and financially, is being adequately supported. There is marked eagerness for a college education, and a vague aspiration for culture, expressed in innumerable courses and lectures. The public is not cognizant of the real value of education, and does not realize that education as a social force is not receiving the kind of attention it has the right to expect in a democracy.

It is felt, for example, that education is entitled to more space in the newspapers; that well informed discussion of education hardly exists; that unless such an issue as the Gary School system is created, or outside of an occasional discussion, such as that aroused over Harvard’s decision to establish a school of business, education does not attract the active interest of the public.

There are a number of reasons for this condition. First of all, there is the fact that the educator has been trained to stimulate to thought the individual students in his classroom, but has not been trained as an educator at large of the public.

In a democracy an educator should, in addition to his academic duties, bear a definite and wholesome relation to the general public. This public does not come within the immediate scope of his academic duties. But in a sense he depends upon it for his living, for the moral support, and the general cultural tone upon which his work must be based. In the field of education, we find what we have found in politics and other fields—that the evolution of the practitioner of the profession has not kept pace with the social evolution around him, and is out of gear with the instruments for the dissemination of ideas which modern society has developed. If this be true, then the training of the educators in this respect should begin in the normal schools, with the addition to their curricula of whatever is necessary to broaden their viewpoint. The public cannot understand unless the teacher understands the relationship between the general public and the academic idea.

The normal school should provide for the training of the educator to make him realize that his is a twofold job: education as a teacher and education as a propagandist.”

Now that you are done with that little reading, please read this article from the Canada Free Press on George Soros and his exploits. I agree with this author. George Soros is evil.


7 Responses to “Edward Bernays Propaganda”

  • Arthor Mill:

    Ironically this sort of propaganda is most practiced in Utah where so many otherwise intelligent people become reactionary religious nutjobs. The mission, seminary, and constant church is used to warp young minds to eliminate critical thinking. Part of that is to create boogie-men such as Soros and homosexuals. Keep the sheep focused on prop 8 and Soros and Obamacare. Sad, but still kind of funny.

  • Well Arthor, I guess if you want to view indoctrination as being taught anything at all by anyone, then you may be right by your own definition, but I tend to view the word as meaning being taught something in a subversive way. For example, at church, we learn principles and are told, now go pray about it and see if you get a witness from God. If you do, you'll know it's true. I don't view that as indoctrination.

    John Goodlad on the other hand takes something that is true (ex. The existence of God) and says, “you can only know things that are true by your 5 senses, so there is no God unless you've seen him, those who claim to have seen him are delusional, therefore lets move on.” This is a convenient and subversive way to dismiss an experience and say there are no supernatural experiences, no miracles, no visions, etc… This is why he also says “Parents and the general public must be [resocialized] also… Otherwise, children and youth…may find themselves in conflict with values assumed in the home.” Goodlad is a subversive indoctrinator. He knows if you separate children from parents you can teach them all kinds of things as youngsters that are very difficult to overcome. Like Bill Ayers, another subversive (and keynote speaker at the John Goodlad NNER conference in October), they know the education system is the place to indoctrinate. Parents have their children in church a few hours on Sunday. Goodlad and Ayers have them all week in schools where they are trying to push the social justice socialist/humanist curriculum.

    Critical thinking is an educational buzzword. We believe it means we can think through tough problems, but in reality, what Goodlad and Ayers are teaching means if your 5 senses can't discern it, it's not possible to discern. I know Moses saw God. I know Stephen saw God. I know Joseph Smith saw God. It's not from indoctrination or the 5 senses, it's from asking God to reveal the truth.

    Soros isn't a boogie-man, he's evil. Look at what he's done in his life. He's destroyed entire countries with his machinations. He wants to bring people into subjection, not liberate them.

  • Arthor Mill:

    Wow Oak– it is almost like you are trying to make my case. In summary here is your argument: when I am taught something that has no proof and I hold to be true it is education. When somebody teaches something that has no proof I disagree with it is propaganda and indoctrination. Na the LDS Church would never pursue a strategy of separation and brain washing. By the way, how was your Mission?

  • No Arthor, the point is method and objective. All knowledge should be verifiable. Goodlad and Ayers want knowledge to be democratic. Even if it's false, if the majority say it's true, then that stands. They are masters at twisting people around to reach their goals. Missionaries present what they believe to be true and then ask people to seek verification.

    Here's a real life example for you of something that is either unintentional brainwashing, or if these people have knowledge of it, it is clearly subversive. For the last decade in Alpine School District, the administration has told teachers (and parents) that “all the studies show Investigations math is the very best way to teach math.” I looked for these studies for years and couldn't find any. I actually found a study that was published in a journal of psychology in Australia that said no studies existed. So last year when Alpine district was again bringing this up, I got tired of it and filed a GRAMA request asking for their studies (https://www.oaknorton.com/grama2.cfm). They couldn't produce a single one yet administrators and teachers (who have been told this by admin) all pass this same misinformation on to concerned parents that all the studies show this. I think it actually starts in colleges of education. I specifically know of Weber and BYU students being told this falsehood which they then excitedly carry into their classrooms hoping to teach Investigations math to children. Almost nothing is more destructive to children's math skills, and at this point, the board clearly knows there are no studies supporting Investigations (k-6), Connected (7-9), or Interactive (10-12) math, yet it continues to be used in our district. In fact, the U.S. Government's “What Works Clearinghouse” actually shows a study that has Connected math showing negative overall effects on children's math (https://blog.oaknorton.com/2009/05/connected-mat…).

  • lewisbarnavelt:

    Interesting that you mention Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler also used American western novels and Western U.S. History as propaganda. You see, he admired America for what they did to the Indians, especially the idea of engaging them militarily and the internment of them. He used America's historical example as a justification for some of his Jewish policies. He also did the same thing with Britain's actions against the Boers in Africa. Gotta love propaganda!

    Propaganda is an interesting term in and of itself. It is from the Latin (Propand fide) “that which ought to be spread.” You could actually say that this website is also a good example of propaganda.

  • By your own definition then, you are spreading propaganda. I guess we should just all be silent and let the government tell us what to think. :)

  • lewisbarnavelt:

    Absolutely, I use your propaganda medium to spread my message in the same manner you spread yours. Nobody said that we should be silent. I'm not sure where you are getting that idea. I was simply trying to draw attention to the negative connotation and use of the word where people view messages they don't agree with as propaganda but their own messages as enlightenment.