Government Gone Wild and Food Storage

This video is encouraging…NOT. Does anyone really think we’ll last 10 more years? How’s your food storage? A few months ago I sent an email out to my email list but I guess I should have posted it here. I watched the segment on Glenn Beck last year that showed food prices skyrocketing as a result of inflationary forces that would affect our nation. Glenn was advertising for Daily Bread on his radio show so I called them up and a local rep came by to let me sample some food. They sell freeze dried meals that you just add hot water to and in a few minutes they’re ready to eat as if you’d made them fresh. The food was really good so we ordered a 3 month supply to supplement our current food storage which is mostly comprised of individual foods that you would have to prepare in a meal. Now we have meals that you just add water to, and regular food items which is a relief to know we’ll have some meals ready to go without a ton of preparation. In an emergency that can put your mind at ease. Anyway, I spoke with the rep that sold us our food storage and if you call him directly, he will give you a 15% discount on any package deal you purchase directly through him (you have to mention Oak Norton). He’ll also give you 1/2 off any shipping charges. You can reach him, Rex Willis, at 480-444-6429 or If you want to check out the packages, you can do so at Daily Bread’s website, but don’t contact them if you want the discount, contact Rex directly. He will email you a current price sheet (prices are going up, in case anyone was in doubt about the economy and inflation…) and if you want to sample the food before buying, just ask him for a sample meal to try out.

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  • :Debbie:

    Thanks Oak. We took your advice last year, called Rex and got us the 3 month order also. The food was really good. Rex was very easy to work with…sent us a sample through the mail. We are glad we got it last year when prices were down. FYI: Daily Bread is the same company that makes Mountain House freeze-dried backpacker food.