King for a Day Project

After forwarding out the announcement from Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) a few weeks ago as a courtesy to them on Jeb Bush’s visit and presentation on education progress in Florida, some of you were happy to get it, and some of you were surprised that I sent it out. I actually wrestled with the decision to send it out because I’m not a Bush-clan fan because of the Bush family stance on global government. I explained to one of you that the reason I sent it out was because there are 2 issues we are dealing with.

1) How do we improve the effectiveness of the current system until we achieve needed reforms?
2) What is the ideal education system and how do we move toward it?

Jeb Bush has had some success on item 1 and I forwarded out the email since it was directly pertaining to improvements to the current system. Some of you attended Jeb’s presentation and were very excited about the material presented. I believe the current system is in need of reform. Scores keep declining and we keep getting tapped for more money to prop up a system that is slow to respond and largely ineffective at course corrections (for many reasons).

A couple months ago, I asked the question if you were king for a day, what would you change about the education system. I got a number of great responses. Before you read those responses, I’d like to ask you to read this article I recently came across. Changes are coming to the education field. Whenever technology can dramatically reduce costs, change becomes inevitable. If an industry won’t adapt, they’ll get passed by eventually and go the way of the typewriter in the face of the computer.

Please read this article and then continue below.

The “King for a Day” project can then be found here (or the link at the top of the screen). I struggled to find the best way to do this, and there are probably better ways, but please contribute and then come back frequently to see what people are posting and help vote the best ideas to the top in each category.


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