Yuri Bezmenov – KGB Defector

This is a great video from an interview Yuri did with Ed Griffin (author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”) back in the 80’s regarding the methodology the communists use to take over a country.

To summarize, Yuri says the Communist purpose is to prevent people from coming to sensible conclusions about what is happening around them.

The stages of infiltration Bezmenov talks about center around a long term plan that leads to the socialization and eventual takeover of a nation. The four steps he says the Soviets aimed for were:

1) Demoralization-pump Marxism into the heads of children – takes 15-20 years so that that generation become the next teachers – due to lack of moral standards a person is unable to assess true information even when directly presented to this person.

2) Destabilization- 2-5 years – economy, foreign relations, defense systems

3) Crisis-6 weeks, violent change in structure and economy

4) Normalization-Leaders promise a paradise on earth and remove free market economy. Government takeover.

Notice how by teaching kids about Marxism and socialism, and degrading their society, they can’t even see truth when it’s plainly in front of them. The Soviets then work on destabilizing the country to the point that they can trigger a crisis. At that point, the leaders promise they will take care of everything for you and in our ignorant bliss, we accept their offer and wind up with a Communist utopia based on social justice as the Communists view it.

4 Responses to “Yuri Bezmenov – KGB Defector”

  • Anonymous:

    Terrifying to be smacked in the face with the last stages of the process he describes!! I’d like to see “liberals” explain this away! Of course, they will try. Why? Because they are the furthest down the road of brain washing. It is why we can not get through the thick skulls of Washington. Those of us who are not brain washed MUST find a way to replace the brain washed, socialist servants with free thinking, constitutionally minded people!

  • Ginger:

    Wake up America!!!!!!!

  • Lewis B:

    Teaching kids about Marxism/Socialism or teaching kids to be Marxists/Socialists? There is a big difference.

  • Lewis B:

    Ha, ha. We see how well this strategy worked for the Soviets. The excesses of unfettered capitalism could accomplish all of those goals without any Soviet involvement. In fact, if looking back at Marx, he postulated that capitalism would naturally create conditions conducive to the uprising of the working and exploited classes to overthrow their minority, wealthy masters. Also, Lenin disagreed with Marx’s assertions that revolution will occur as a natural outgrowth of capitalism and insisted on speeding a Communist revolution by force. I find it interesting that you cherry pick from Marx and use only his comments about “democracy” and treat them as the gospel truth, while completely ignoring his postulations about capitalism.