Ron Paul’s Amazing Predictions

Someone sent me a link to this amazing set of predictions Ron Paul made in 2002 in a speech on the floor of the House. Check it out and then listen to Judge Napolitano tell it like only the Judge can. :)

Now I realize there’s a lot of Mitt fans on this site and in our state. Mitt has a ton of great qualities that I admire (including his success as a capitalist, Newt :)). However, the more I understand Ron Paul’s positions from his perspective, and not just what others say about him, the more I’ve come to agree that he is the right candidate to be president. Mitt Romney has said he would do nothing with the Federal Reserve and just let them be. The Federal Reserve is right at the top of the list for who to blame for the economic woes we’re having. Mitt doesn’t get that and that’s a major strike in my book. Mitt might know how to run a business but I have to question his commitment to sound economic policy. Mitt also chastised Rick Perry when he called social security a Ponzi scheme and I have to ask myself if I want a president who has been in business all his life that doesn’t understand what a Ponzi scheme is (or says this for political expediency)? It’s frustrating to want to feel like Mitt’s the man for the job, but can’t bring myself over the hurdles to do so.

Ron Paul isn’t perfect and there are a few issues I disagree with him on, but they are pretty minor when I contrast them with the positives and I remind myself that as president, he gets the bully-pulpit and veto power, but he doesn’t make the law or create executive orders to bypass congress (at least in Ron’s case). What some people call wacky ideas will probably never be initiated in the congress and so what we’d be left with in Ron Paul is a president who  lives 100% by the Constitution. When something isn’t authorized in the Constitution, he wouldn’t allow it a straight passage and would defer it to the states where it belongs. Wouldn’t that be refreshing? Yet sadly, some people think that’s as destructive as Obama.

All that said, Mitt’s got a better chance of getting the nomination than Ron Paul and if he wanted to pull a few RP supporters over, he should announce that if he’s elected, he would make Ron Paul the Secretary of the Treasury.

If you missed my first post which helped me get over Ron Paul’s foreign policy by understanding it, here’s a link (Is Ron Paul the answer?). If you’ve heard Ron Paul wants to legalize drugs, this video debate on the Larry King show explains his position on it and I find myself completely agreeing with him especially on growing hemp (which isn’t the drug marijuana).

I have also posted a very important quote from J. Reuben Clark below the videos. He served in the highest positions of the LDS church as a member of the First Presidency, a counselor to the Prophet during WW2.

Someone posted this quote on my Facebook page and it’s simply a matter of principle. Do we believe the Founding Fathers were inspired and had lasting insights, or has the world changed so much that some of these beliefs are obsolete. Personally, I think these are timeless principles and J. Reuben Clark was an individual who knew first hand about the military industrial complex getting us into war. If you don’t know his history in business and how he was hired by the people who wanted to own war factory production, you can read something about it here (J. Reuben Clark talk by Cleon Skousen). Here is his quote.

“I am a political isolationist because:

I full believe in the wisdom of the course defined by Washington, Jefferson, and other ancient statesmen. The whole history of America before and since the Revolution proves the truthfulness of their assertions. All during our pre-Revolutionary history we were at war, we were robbed, plundered, and massacred because of European wars, in the issues and causes of which we had no concern. History is repeating itself.

I believe American manhood is too valuable to be sacrificed on foreign soil for foreign issues and causes.

I believe that permanent peace will never come into the world from the muzzle of a gun. Guns and bayonets will, in the future as in the past, bring truces, long or short, but never peace that endures.

I believe President Wilson had the true principle when he spoke of the strength and power of the moral force of the world. Moral force in a nation fructifies industry, thrift, good will, neighborliness, the friendly intercourse of nations, the peace that all men seek; whereas force is barren.

I believe America’s role in the world is not one of force, but is of that same peaceful intent and act that has characterized the history of the country from its birth till the last third of a century.

I believe that moral force is far more potent than physical force in international relations.

I believe that America should again turn to the promotion of the peaceful adjustment of international disputes, which will help us regain the measureless moral force we once possessed, to the regeneration and salvation of the world. We now speak with the strong arm of physical force only; we have no moral force left.

I believe we should once more turn our brains and our resources to the problem, not of killing men, women, and children, combatant and noncombatant, but of bringing to them more of good living and high thinking.

I believe political isolation will bring to us the greatest happiness and prosperity, the greatest temporal achievement not only, but the highest intellectual and spiritual achievement also, the greatest power for good, the strongest force for peace, the greatest blessing to the world. ”

President J. Reuben Clark — Church News 11/22/1947

Last, if you want to see a sad clip about the media completely dismissing Ron Paul, watch the first few minutes of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show here from the episode after the New Hampshire Primary. Stewart roasts Laurence O’Donnell for trying to say John Huntsman was the real 2nd place winner “if we remove Ron Paul from the equation.” Stunning bias against Ron Paul. The media does not want him in the White House.

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