Self-Loathing Indoctrination 101 (via “anti-racist” workshops)

Last month I got this disturbing letter from a parent in Park City regarding the Inclusion Center in Salt Lake City and the programs they bring into schools. You need to be aware of this program because it’s being brought into schools around the state and several of them are identified below that have the program next month.

Hi Oak,

I am curious to know if you are familiar with the Inclusion Center in SLC and what they represent?

They went into my daughters 10th grade English class at Park City High on Wednesday and did a demonstration about Racism. Although a subject worth exploring, their presenters  put the kids in a very awkward position forcing them to answer very specific questions which really had no good answers. They were asked “if a Black, Mexican & Muslim wanted to sit with you at lunch, which one would you choose to let sit with you?”  They were forced to make a choice and when doing so, the presenters got in their face and told them they were racists. They told them they were over privileged white kids (hello, this is Park City and it’s not the kids’ fault it is predominately Caucasian, and some areas are very affluent. Why? Because their parents worked hard. The presenters told them that because of them the blacks & Hispanics were being mistreated. They told them it was their responsibility to make things right with the minority groups of kids.  They also asked them  “why is it the Blacks all sit together, the Mexicans all sit together, etc?”  And told them it is their responsibility as over privileged white kids to go and sit with the minorities and make them feel part of their group.  We have very few blacks, but quite a large Hispanic population. They choose to all hang together and speak Spanish. So how is it the evil white kids are supposed to communicate with them?  Why is it the band kids all sit together, the football players all sit together, the cheer leaders all sit together, the track team kids all sit together,  regardless of race or religion, etc.?  Because they hang out with kids that have the same interests as them, period.   The Mormons and non-Mormons seem to be able to hang out together or not hang out together, as they choose. And no one makes a fuss about that.  The kids came out of there feeling guilty for being white, something they have no control over. I am so angry about this I can’t even tell you.  I called to counselor’s office to tell them if this happens again, my daughter has my permission to excuse herself. However, they were all out of the office at a meeting in Alpine School District.  I am very frustrated that our schools are forcing the Inclusion Center agenda on our kids.

Mrs. X

Mrs. X followed up that email with this one with more details.

I looked at their website, They “appear” to be about diversity, service, and leadership and are clearly targeting the youth.  My daughter came home today with new stories.  Today, the teacher had a discussion with the class about their experience with the demonstration.  The kids spoke up and let him know that they were made to feel extremely uncomfortable. That the speaker boxed them into a corner and forced an answer/opinion out of them so she could show them how raciest they are without realizing it.  She also put words into their mouths. When pressing for an answer to an awkward question,(ex: if you had to be black, Hispanic, or Muslim living in Utah, which would be easier, which would be your choice?)  if the kids answered they didn’t know how to answer or didn’t have an opinion, she would say something like, “So what you are saying is you wouldn’t want to be any of the choices because they are treated badly and you like being white”  things like that. Apparently she flat out called them racist repeatedly.  The program was called “White Privilege”. I have since talked with the counselor who said the program is really about awareness but agreed with me that if my child feels uncomfortable they should be able to excuse themselves. But she could not give her that privilege.  She also agreed with me that kids will group together with kids that have the same interests as them, regardless of race or religion, but in the same breath said this program is important for the kids to sit through.   Then I spoke with the teacher who said that the purpose of the program IS to make the kids feel uncomfortable. To make them realize that they are over privileged and get through to them they have so much more than minorities.  Gee, did anyone express how they got more?? Like their parents WORKING for it. Hello!!! He apologized that my daughter didn’t like it, and said the kids had elaborated the same in their discussion today.  He kept saying it is designed to open up awareness and that’s why they do it the way they do.  After 10 min of my objections, he backed down a bit and said perhaps this particular speaker didn’t go about it quite the right way.  My daughter also said in the end of their class discussion today perhaps the speaker didn’t come off quite right.  The teacher actually arranged for it to be presented, but then left the room.  He told me he likes for his classes to “go through” this exercise. Sounds like Indoctrination to me.

Oh one more fun little tidbit,  the middle school put my younger daughter through a “Cognitive Abilities Test” this week.  They sent home an open disclosure notice about it on the day she had already  taken it.  The high school gave that survey about drug & alcohol use week before last too. My daughter chose to take it, afterward, I wish I had not let her as it introduced her to many drugs she has never heard of in great description of what it looks like, where to get it and how to use it.  She had to basically defend herself 150 times answering she does not do those things.

What is happening to our schools?  Things are really getting scary.

It appears that self-loathing can be funded with taxpayer dollars. Then Mrs. X took a trip and saw the effects of the Inclusion Center on her daughter.

Hi Oak,

Interesting thing happened while on vacation as a result of that experience the school subjected my daughter to.   While in the airport a black woman came around clearing the tables. I noticed my daughter taking a really good look at her and got a strange expression on her face.  After the woman walked away she told me it made her feel strange that the black woman was doing a lower class type job.  I quickly pointed out the other workers in there of various ethnic groups including white people also clearing tables and also told her in today’s economy, they/we are all fortunate to have jobs.  Interesting seed the Inclusion Center has now planted.  Prior to this, she never would have noticed the color of anyone doing any type job. Then while viewing animals on our trip. There was a pen with alligators and turtles in it.  She quickly noticed that all the alligators were on one side and the turtles were on the opposite side. She jokingly stated “hey look, they are being racist”.  I laughed and asked, well which group is being raciest, the alligators or the turtles? I suppose if we counted how many there were of each we could have decided which was the majority and called them the racists. Then I pointed out that even in nature, it is natural for species to group together and to try and force otherwise is un-natural as with the Inclusion Center suggesting the white kids need to force themselves into the black and Hispanic kids groups, ie: sit with them at lunch etc.  Clearly that presentation has made an impression on my daughter.

Mrs. X pointed out that on their website they have announced Oppression Awareness week coming up in April, specifically mentioning West, Highland, and Judge Memorial High Schools. I would spread the word and help parents know what’s in store for their children should this program come to their school. Ask your school district board and school principals to not allow this program into your schools as well. With all the concern over our children’s self-esteem by the education establishment, this should be a no-brainer.

As I was preparing to publish this, Mrs. X added one more follow up regarding this teacher:

My daughter’s English teacher continues to persist in this topic. He claims he put the kids through this presentation in preparation to read “Night,” a book about the holocaust. His package of questions about the book that they work through as they read through the book had a “before you read” questionnaire that had nothing to do with the holocaust.  “What does it feel like to be an outsider? What does it feel like to be an insider? What does it feel like to be thought of as “less worthy” because of ones skin and/or hair color? How important is it for you to look right? How important is it for you to  be part of the crowd or certain group? How do you feel when you don’t belong? Do people (parents, teachers, employers, friends etc…) pick favorites? Have you ever been the favorite or least favorite? How did it make you feel?  Think about a book or movie you have seen that shows examples of prejudice or favoritism. Why do so many books and movies cover this topic?

Then yesterday, instead of continuing with the work package on the book “Night,” he spent the class time discussing racism again.  He asked the class to imagine in their head a scientist.  Then told them that he was sure they all imagined a white person and explained why that is racist. Then he asked them to imagine a criminal in their mind. Followed with, he was certain that every student imagined a male, and most likely a black male.

This is an English class. Not a history, or Social Studies class. What is this teachers motive?????  Of course his Obama 08 stickers around the classroom may be a hint.  I’d like to present to him the idea to have the kids read some CS Lewis.

Why do we send our children to school again? To learn to read and write, or get loaded on with this nonsense? Our children should not have to be subjected to this.

Click here to see a copy of the syllabus they used for the activity (I think the acronym mentioned at the beginning runs down the left letters which spell “U-Avoid-It”):

White Privilege

21 Responses to “Self-Loathing Indoctrination 101 (via “anti-racist” workshops)”

  • Anonymous:

    Maybe this school could hire a math or science teacher instead of this English teacher? He isn’t really teaching English, and there are not enough real classes to meet demand.

  • Pam:

    I’m not seeing the list of schools where this is going to be presented. Can you point me to it, please?

  • Anonymous:

    “Anti-racist” indoctrination is common at the colleges and universities, at least public. The U of U is the worst offender, second is Salt Lake Community College.

    “Anti-racism” always infer anti-Caucasian attitude. The express purpose of the indoctrination is to deracinate White children to assume self-blame, shame and guilt.

    “Inclusion” Center is not so inclusive. They single out White children and youth to corrupt by inducing “white guilt.” This is the nefarious purpose that promote social and cultural Marxism — to destroy Caucasian culture and heritage by deracination. This is Communism at its core.

  • Tim:

    Have the child, in the “Inclusion Center” ask the present of what race is his/her wife/husband or significant other. Then when the answer is given have the child yell at the presenter for not picking someone of different race and status in life. Have the child yell at the presenter for being a racist against an “over-privileged” child and that they are just as guilty at destroying the USA as everybody else, then have the child walk out. Try to get the whole thing on tape if possible.

  • patti:

    The other schools that are mentioned on The Inclusion Center’s website for “Opression Awarness Week” in April are West Hign, Highland High and Judge. They go after the high school kids and sign them as interns to teach & spread Social Justice. This Opression Awarneww week needs to be stopped or at least protested. They also are having a Community Action partnership in downtown SLC on may 23rd. I don’t know if that is some sort of demonstration in the streets or what.
    bottom line, be aware of this organization.

  • Patti:

    oh, one more thing, when I originall called the school, all the counsleors were out at a meeting at lpineSchool District. HMMMMMMM!!! why is Park City Schools coloborating with ASD

  • lindairish:

    Wow! I’m just a grandmother, but I home schooled my children because of just this type of thing. However, when they got to high school, they knew when someone was trying to teach things that they had NO business teaching.

  • “Patti pointed out that on their website they have announced Oppression Awareness week coming up in April, specifically mentioning West, Highland, and Judge Memorial High Schools.”

  • Kristie:

    This probably frustrates me more than any other issue regarding schools and their very captive/captured audience of youth entrusted to their care. WHO is authorizing these ‘presentations’? I remember how frustrated the powers that be were when the government forced school busing to blend different groups/colors of youth. They spent a ton of money dragging kids far from home, and of course the youth still gathered with their friends for the most part.

    I remember the ‘race relations’ classes that the military forced on everyone during Viet Nam. And I can only imagine what the military is doing today with their personnel regarding the new law to have LGBTs opening serving.

    Professor James Birrell, BYU, shared these insights in Meridian Magazine a few years ago. He was teaching Multiculturalism classes and quoted observations of one of his students who said:

    “The materials and readings have left me feeling terrible at times about being white.” She added, “I leave this class wondering if whites have anything of virtue to offer this world”.

    Professor Birrell then commented, “Over the years I have heard other prospective young Caucasian teachers express shame in being white after progressing through the public school system. They were taught that the history of whiteness was the history of oppression…”

    Enough is enough. The schools should be teaching academics. Period. What the presenter from the Inclusion Center was doing is called CHILD ABUSE!!! Call them on it.


  • Anonymous:

    Thank you for your courage to home school your children. Your effort have saved them from the “brainwashed state.”

    I am an unfortunate victim of the brainwashing in the public school. It took me a long time to de-indoctrinate myself and convert to the right. I am a former liberal, that is, “socialist libertarian.”

    Public education schooling is really a recruiting school for the Democratic Party, to the extent that children and youth are being “educated” to embrace the mortal errors of liberalism and then vote for the left-wing radicals. Not even some teachers and educators could hide their partisanship, such as instituting odious programs like Inclusion Center.

    I suggest the new book “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism” (Chapter 5, “The Prussian Roots of American Socialism, ” Public Schools: American Socialism in Action) for your education to recommend to your grown-up children and perhaps grandchildren.

  • Getgungho:

    I agree this needs to be done and recording it would be priceless.

  • Getgungho:

    Amen! I grew up being taught that difference was good and God ment it to be that way so we could have variety in life. I have sevral relatives who are of different ethnic and racial backgrounds then that of my birth and we always thought that it was “cool” as kids. We also were taught that we had heritage as well and that is what makes our family so unique in and of itself. So when I was exposed to these types fo things as a youth I remember feeling shame for being white. I also was reminded by my parents that it was not true. Racism is a two way swinging door. My have had several opportunities to see this in my life when I have approached someone of a different race in conversation and I speak to them with repsect as I would anyone. But in return I get negative responses. So I see the Racist door swinging in both directions all the time. I don’t let it bother me simply becasue I choose not to take offence and love and love my brother or sister anyway. But the thing that is very frightening to me is that indoctrination programs like this do not just swing the door open they blow it off the hinges so that there is no choice.

  • EDB:

    Thanks Oak. I forwarded this so at least one parent at Judd Memorial knows about the “Oppression Class”m coming up in April.

  • Pookey43:

    My daughter took a class on Pacific Islanders at the U because she loves her Uncle and cousin who are Pacific Islanders. By the time the class was over she has a particular dislike of said people. The entire class was about how horrible caucasian people are and she was treated like white trash. So sad a teacher can also create the division and hatred that was never there before. Now her uncle and cousins are the exception to the how cool she has always felt for that race. So sad.

  • Pam:

    Pookey43, your story serves as an example of the difference between allowing this kind of “education” to take place in the home vs. having our educational system do it. I don’t think this is an isolated case — generally, until all this sudden focus on race and culture was stirred up after Obama was elected, I really hadn’t thought much about it. I find myself feeling resentful as opposed to accepting. I don’t feel guilty for being white. And I don’t want anyone else to feel guilty about his or her race or culture either. Sometimes I think this is a deliberate attempt to pit people against one another. Because that’s exactly what it is doing.

  • Gerry:

    One weapon of Socialism isto create a class warfare within the populace. Although they preach equality, they teach diversity. They teach oppression of the different and promote dislike through affirmative action and ‘racial’ quotas. They have convoluted the race definitions so badly that is is no longer recognizable.

    Race is from DNA, not language or church affilialtion. There are five races in the human species. Not all Hispanics are brown. Those living in Spain are rather white from what i’ve experienced; and, Hispanic is definede as a group of the populace whose primary language is Spanish. And, so on with each of the more recent ‘racial’ designations, like Muslim. From the very first example that was used it is rather obvious the ‘instructors’ allowed into the classrooms are not adequately versed in the subject to give a proper and informative class on the matter.

    If the parents have the time they should insist on sitting in on the presentation. Then talk to their children later about the things that were wrong with the presentation. They should also voice their observations to the School Board and if necessary, file complaints with the State about the socially disruptive type of instruction their School District is promoting.

    The parents, being warned of the impending presentations, should ask the schools when the class will be given to their child. Then ask to allow the child to opt out or leave if they feel uncmfortable or threatened by the message the class presents.

    Now for a tip for the kids; If they get asked the choice question about which one they would allow to sit down; “The first one that asked to.” Or,which would they sit with, “The first one that asked me to join them.” (Then watch the expression on the instructor’s face.) If nobody asked me to join them I’d go sit elsewhere.

    The mention of the Vietnam era Race Relations classes. I had those and they tried the same tactic with a survey about the areas where there was racial imbalances in several activities such as employment, teachers etc. When I was done, the instructor thought it was great the minority had so many of the good jobs. I thought she was gonna’ die I said the minority was Anglo; I live in a 90% Hispanic community.

    From that instruction I developed standard response tactics for these type situations; as well as the ones where a miniority person is in my face about what my ‘people’ did to opress his people. None are threatening or demeaning, I never suggest going there, but it can be done with effective preparation. Trust the kids to handle it with a little coaching and the knowledge that their parents support their position.

  • Almost every “English” class I’ve taken in California and Utah (Junior High, High School and College) has been about social engineering us students. All but one English class focused on how racist white people are whilst advocating affirmative action type rhetoric. Now that I’m older (in my mid twenties) I am surprised that I escaped those classes mostly unscathed. I did not learn a darn thing about grammar, punctuation or writing styles. Most of my time was spent reading and writing about how minorities are oppressed and that social justice is necessary to bring about equality…

    Seriously, as someone who has just left the public education system here in Utah I recommend people seek other alternatives to educating themselves and their children than what the current status quo is providing.

  • I’ve found myself thinking about this a lot, weighing intent vs. results. Certainly no one on either side would say that racism–as defined by a pre-judgment of a person’s character or abilities based on skin color–is a good thing. However, what is particularly interesting to me is that the very concept of “white guilt” is a racist attitude. It is the idea that whites have to take responsibility for creating and fixing the problem because the minorities can’t or won’t. This unbalanced burden of responsibility is precisely what continues to exacerbate the differences. And social engineering, affirmative action, etc only serves to deepen the divide.

    The question on the White Privilege doc is a prime example: “I can take a job with an affirmative action employer without having coworkers on the job suspect that I got it because of race.” We would ALL have to assume the person got the job due to his/her own qualifications in the absence of affirmative action–and it is the very existence of affirmative action that creates the suspicion, NOT racism! If we REALLY believe that other races/religions/cultures are as good as our own or have the same potential, we would give them no special privileges. Then the real test of the effectiveness of a racial thought pattern, a religious moral code, or a cultural ideology would be appropriately where it should be: in the results of each person’s behavior.

    It is important to note, too, that the THOUGHT PATTERNS (often running in racial groups), MORAL CODES (often linked with religious groups), or IDEOLOGIES (often linked with cultures)–are things that can and should be judged, measured, and critiqued. It does not mean we are judging, measuring, or critiquing the person. But having the confidence that any person–regardless of race, religion, or culture–has the power to overcome self-limiting thought patterns by making good choices is precisely the kind of non-racial attitude I want to have and that I want to teach my children.

  • More Government indoctrination of our youth over family values and teachings.

    What about the story in the book, Night? It is about a white man, a white Jewish boy during the holocaust. I think the govt tried to exterminate that religious group.

    Two of my kids attended high school where the kids segregated by interest, despite “Diversity Month.” This was in Orange County, CA. Maybe they need to address the fact that the white kids are now the minority in some of these schools. But, no, they won’t do that.

    The next three kids, I have opted out, and home schooled. Teachers Unions are the biggest in the nation, hard to fight.