Shocking Indoctrination

I have to warn you this first video contains some foul language. But don’t worry, it’s just quotes from an elementary school textbook in use in Tucson, AZ. The best part of this parent’s presentation to the school board is when one school board member responds at the end. Don’t miss it. :)

***Update: the YouTube video was removed by the authors. I found their full video elsewhere if you want to listen to the clip, hit play and pause on this first video and watch the second. Then after it’s loaded, scroll out to the 18:40 mark and you can watch the clip. At the 21:25 mark, the video is edited and you miss hearing the male board member with the white hair say, “please watch your language there may be young people present.” Right after that edit you can hear the parents in the room say this was all in a textbook being used for 3rd graders. The Three Sonorans that filmed this were at the board meeting for a very different reason and happened to record this on their video.

This next one is part of Glenn Beck’s show one night last week with more stories from around the country.

4 Responses to “Shocking Indoctrination”

  • Another example of a public education system spiralling out of control.  Evidence continues to pile  up that there is an increasingly serious campaign going to win the hearts of minds of America’s children.

  • Pam Warren:

    Unfortunately, the video has been removed due to a “copyright claim”.  Sorry I missed it. 

  •  What a shame. The textbook for children as young as 3rd grade was full of strong profanity and hate toward America. At the end of this parent’s reading, one of the board members said something like, “please don’t share any more quotes from the textbook there may be young children present.” Another parent shouted out something like, “what’s it doing in our classrooms then?”

  • Jennrc3:

    I was able to see it.  I am speechless.  I hope that they are up for re-election.