The U.N.’s Global Communist Agenda

In the old world, all roads led to Rome. In our modern world, one might also say all roads lead to the U.N.  Roads of corruption that is.  The United Nations is one of the world’s most corrupt organizations bent on global communism. Their “Agenda 21” plan affects us all the way down to Alpine School District. Please watch this video which someone sent me that summarizes elements from “Agenda 21.” Then please pass it on. Starting at the 5:43 mark you’ll learn about the plan to deliberately dumb down America (even showcasing one of the worst constructivist programs in existence, “Connected math,” used by Alpine in 6-9th grades, and many other school districts around the country. It was removed by the Utah State Office as an approved primary program but Alpine continues to use it full bore in classrooms and not as a supplement to a real math program). Those who have said there isn’t a deliberate effort to dumb us down will find an answer here as well with a special nod to Charlotte Iserbyt’s book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.


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