Troubling Utah State Standard

Someone recently emailed me this 6th grade history standard from the Utah state history standards. It’s more important than ever that you know your state school board candidates and make sure they are committed to reviewing what’s being approved for use in Utah. How this is a standard and hasn’t been shouted from the rooftops by someone is stunning.
Standard 4
Objective 3

Determine human rights and responsibilities in the world.

  1. Identify rights considered essential for all humans (e.g. health care, education, safety, freedom from fear, freedom of expression).
  2. Propose steps individual students can take to protect these rights (e.g. support for sister schools, energy and resource conservation, letter writing, career choices, fundraising efforts).

First students will identify rights that aren’t really rights, and then they’ll go to the next step and propose ways to advocate or devote their life to them.

The new Texas standards are looking better and better for potential adoption in Utah.

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