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Summer Reading for Children

With summer rapidly approaching, I would love some thoughts on good books for children to learn about the Constitution and principles of freedom. I just finished reading Peter Schiff’s book, “How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes.” It’s a story of a fictitious country that deals in fish as currency. It’s a story that has “takeaway” interruptions that clearly explain the history of the principle being taught, or shows exactly how what he’s describing in the story has happened here in America. I think it’s an excellent book to teach people why Keynesian economics is utterly false and the Austrian economics model is superior. I’ve also started reading the Uncle Eric book series which is excellent and covers a variety of topics on economics and justice in a series of letters from an Uncle to his nephew. Both of these are good for teens, but I’d like to know from you what are some books that are good for younger children? And I guess other good books for teens…

Shocking Indoctrination

I have to warn you this first video contains some foul language. But don’t worry, it’s just quotes from an elementary school textbook in use in Tucson, AZ. The best part of this parent’s presentation to the school board is when one school board member responds at the end. Don’t miss it. :)

***Update: the YouTube video was removed by the authors. I found their full video elsewhere if you want to listen to the clip, hit play and pause on this first video and watch the second. Then after it’s loaded, scroll out to the 18:40 mark and you can watch the clip. At the 21:25 mark, the video is edited and you miss hearing the male board member with the white hair say, “please watch your language there may be young people present.” Right after that edit you can hear the parents in the room say this was all in a textbook being used for 3rd graders. The Three Sonorans that filmed this were at the board meeting for a very different reason and happened to record this on their video.

This next one is part of Glenn Beck’s show one night last week with more stories from around the country.

Nebo School District Drinking the Kool Aid

A friend emailed me and a few others a link to the new Nebo School District educational framework document entitled “Partnership for 21st Century Skills.” A while later, another friend who also received the link sent me this brief review of the document. She agreed to let me post it here.

So glad they have highlighted the 21st Century Skills!!!  Such elaboration in this document leaves little concern for the future leaders of the United States and their intellectual development which undoubtedly will prepare them for their government employment. It all falls so neatly somewhere ‘under that rainbow’.

I was greatly relieved to know that they have determined the preeminent importance of literacy!  Especially global, civic, health, and environmental literacy which may or may not fall under the MSE [BYU McKay School of Education] category of “Balanced” Literacy.  Maybe we should check on that……

They must have been reading my mind when they discerned that our American youth MUST have highly skilled knowledge of the ‘…role of the economy in society’s rights of citizenship at global levels…’ and the equally important ‘global implications of civic decisions’. What a relief to know this is covered and they will fulfill their rights as global citizens!

They will probably demand to “monitor family health goals” under “health literacy”, don’t you think?  I am curious as to how they will grade the individual student on the family goals?  Could this be problematic?

This new 21st century skill set will help revive the pining for the 60’s radicals that seems rampant today, as they will encourage the young to “create new ideas” of “radical content”.  I wonder if they were referring to the curriculum used in Tuscon schools curriculum or if they have more original radical ideas they would like to have elevated….

And for the Christian youth, they will no doubt find success as they teach them correct skills to “effectively evaluate claims and beliefs”. Of course, if the Fairness Doctrine isn’t instituted before these are taught, they will have a generation of deep thinkers who will root for ‘fairness’ in the media as they will have been diligently taught to “synthesize between information and argument.”

Then I HAD to open the document and see if it really talked about monitoring family health goals. Amazingly true. WHAT ARE Y’ALL DRINKING DOWN THERE IN NEBO? Ohhhh, that’s right, you’re part of the BYU Public School Partnership where John Goodlad’s Agenda for Education in a Democracy scholars run the show… That explains everything.

What a load of garbage. This is exactly why school board races must be made partisan. Nobody knows what agenda they are putting into office because the public at large is full of ignorant people who vote based on who had the most signs up or whose name appeared first on the ballot. Nobody looks into school board candidates and they are mostly left-wingers that put agenda ahead of arithmetic.

Looking through the document I see other fun stuff like participating in global environmental action and how population growth impacts resource consumption rates. Wow that’s fantastic! Now Nebo children can learn how evil humans are and why we need to let some nut job such as Obama’s science czar put sterilants in our water supply so we don’t overpopulate the earth. If you aren’t familiar with John Holdren, here’s a couple quotes from him (

“Individual rights must be balanced against the power of the government to control human reproduction.”

“The law regulates other highly personal matters. For example, no one may lawfully have more than one spouse at a time. Why should the law not be able to prevent a person from having more than two children?”

“The Planetary Regime might be given responsibility for determining the optimum population for the world and for each region and for arbitrating various countries’ shares within their regional limits. Control of population size might remain the responsibility of each government, but the Regime should have some power to enforce the agreed limits.”

Among some of Holdren’s other ideas…

  • Adding a sterilant to drinking water or staple foods
  • Sterilizing women after their second or third child
  • Long-term sterilizing capsule … implanted at puberty and might be removable, with official permission

Did John Holdren help Nebo S.D. write their document? If you live in Nebo, you may want to look into it…

Classroom Indoctrination

From Glenn Beck’s show last week comes this little clip on a few things happening elsewhere in our country.

Planned Illiteracy

In January of this year, I presented at the Utah Eagle Forum conference along with some other participants. I’ve already posted one of the presentations that I wanted to get out as quick as I could and that was Pamela Smith’s presentation on the SHARP surveys used in our schools. If you haven’t seen that, you definitely want to be aware of what our children are being asked to consider in “harmless” surveys.

Also, when you finish watching my presentation, if you missed watching the video on the U.N.’s global communist agenda, please watch it as well and you’ll see further evidence for the deliberate dumbing down of America.

Last, and as always, another plug for Charlotte Iserbyt’s excellent documentary entitled “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America,” which is a free pdf on her website you can download and look through. She refers to John Goodlad as America’s “premier change agent.”

If you would like to download the slides from this presentation, here’s a link to the Planned Illiteracy Powerpoint slides.


Redistribute Wealth? Check. Redistribute GPA? No Way!

This is classic. Liberal students don’t mind finding ways to put your money to better use, but when it comes to their GPA’s, “hey I worked for that.”


Cradle to Grave Ramps up in PA

Someone just emailed me this article that last May, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran an article entitled, “New system to track student data from preschool to career.”

From the article:

“More than 15 years ago, Pennsylvania students taking state tests didn’t even have to put their names on them.

Now the state is in the midst of developing a sophisticated data system that will track students from preschool to elementary and secondary education to postsecondary education to the work force.”

“Tracking student progress from birth through college helps teachers in the classroom, helps principals manage and improve their schools, and helps parents better understand the unique educational needs of their child,” Mr. [Arne] Duncan stated in a news release.”

Yep, tracking as much data as possible is sooooo helpful, especially when you want to know how many decayed teeth children have so you know which are the healthy and sick ones in classrooms. Move along, nothing to see here. The Department of Education can be fully trusted to only have our children’s best welfare in mind. It’s not like they’re working with Obama’s healthcare system that will give priority support to healthy people and move the elderly sick ones into end of life planning.

Socialism is all about control and centralized planning.



The U.N.’s Global Communist Agenda

In the old world, all roads led to Rome. In our modern world, one might also say all roads lead to the U.N.  Roads of corruption that is.  The United Nations is one of the world’s most corrupt organizations bent on global communism. Their “Agenda 21” plan affects us all the way down to Alpine School District. Please watch this video which someone sent me that summarizes elements from “Agenda 21.” Then please pass it on. Starting at the 5:43 mark you’ll learn about the plan to deliberately dumb down America (even showcasing one of the worst constructivist programs in existence, “Connected math,” used by Alpine in 6-9th grades, and many other school districts around the country. It was removed by the Utah State Office as an approved primary program but Alpine continues to use it full bore in classrooms and not as a supplement to a real math program). Those who have said there isn’t a deliberate effort to dumb us down will find an answer here as well with a special nod to Charlotte Iserbyt’s book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.


Why socialism won’t work

Brilliant explanation of why socialism doesn’t, can’t, won’t, ain’t gonna work. I heard the audio of this on Glenn Beck’s show this morning and thought this was one of the best explanations ever. It’s a graphic depiction of the saying, “socialism always fails because sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”


World Citizens to Vote for U.S. President?

Check out this stunning video of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn in Lebanon telling people that everyone around the world should have the right to vote for the American president if we have a military base in their country. There’s “democracy” at work for you! One world government, coming your way. I’m sure John Goodlad picked Ayers as his NNER conference keynote speaker last fall for purely educational reasons. :)